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Timothy Moore


Timothy Moore is a Toronto based animator/director. Lunar Explorations, co-created in 2004, has been exhibited on the SPACE network, CBC radio, and a few local film festival. He also has an interest in sound and has worked as a recordist, designer and producer on a variety of projects. Colourbars is his third animated short.


Graduate of Ryerson University School of Image Arts

Film Studies program

Film Experience


TITLE: Colourbars

FORMAT: Classical Animation / Live Action Experimental

POSITION: Animator, Director, Sound Designer

Selected for the Toronto International Film Festival Student Showcase

TITLE: The Night of Scarlet Terror

FORMAT: Live Action Feature Length

POSITION: Sound Designer

TITLE: 101 Ways to Kill Your Father

FORMAT: Classical Animation

POSITION: Animation Supervisor, Cinematographer

I was responsible for overseeing the animation production, planning the shoot, and photographing the final animation on 35mm film.


TITLE: Marnie Love (Ryerson)

FORMAT: Live Action / Classical Animation

POSITION: Title Designer, Sound Designer, Sound Recordist, Musical Producer

I was responsible for the sync sound recording on set, the musical score recordings in studio, and the mixing and mastering of both into the film’s final sound design. I was also responsible for the design and animation of the title sequence, which was shot on 16mm film using the Oxberry animation camera.


TITLE: Lunar Explorations 2004

FORMAT: Classical Animation

POSITION: Co-writer, Co-director, Animator, Cinematographer, Sound Recordist, Sound Designer

My second animated short completed at Ryerson University. It has gone on to play at The Student Shorts Festival, the University of Toronto Film Festival, on the SPACE network, and on CBC Radio (just the audio).


TITLE: Horseplay

FORMAT: Classical Animation

POSITION: Writer, Director, Animator, Editor

My first animated short completed at Ryerson University